About the GWU

Our purpose as an organization is as follows:

  1. To regulate the terms and conditions of employment between its members and the employers with whom it has collective bargaining relationships.
  2. To obtain for all members the best possible standards of compensation and other conditions of employment through the collective bargaining relationship it has with the employers.
  3. To represent, protect, maintain and advance the interests of its members and to ensure that its members are treated justly in their dealings with their employers.
  4. To organize the unorganized.
  5. To directly or indirectly promote and further the interests of its members and of working people through social, cultural, financial and educational services.
  6. To strengthen the Union and its membership by promoting the unity and solidarity of unions and their members.
  7. To adhere to human rights principals and to the principals of non-discrimination in its dealings with its members.
  8. To support and carry out the purposes and policies of the Union.
  9. To practice true democracy within the Union.
  10. To end occupational injury and disease and to promote health and safety in the workplace.